Behind the Words: Luminato 2014

A panorama of one of the Luminato Festival Hub's stages.

A panorama of one of the Luminato Festival Hub’s stages.

In this new series you’ll learn the story of how I put together one of my stories. For the full article check out the link at the end of the post.

My first piece for Fresh Print Magazine came rather unexpectedly. I went into my first meeting on Friday, which was the first time I saw a few of the other writers. At the end of the meeting, Luminato was brought up. They asked me to write a piece on it, and how could I say no?

So, I headed downtown, and on the way to catch the bus I was trying to figure out an angle or a way to approach it. Luminato is a rather big event with many performers and many venues; however, I found out that there’s something called the Festival Hub open throughout Luminato with a bunch of different performers. That seemed like a good place to focus on to get a good understanding of the festival on a whole.

When I arrived downtown, I went to my favourite spot to get work done. It was then I found a media contact for the hub. Strangely enough, the phone kept breaking up. I returned the call and she couldn’t hear me at all then. I sent her an email, but no response. Then after some time, I decided to give her colleague a call. She had a hard time hearing me as well, which was odd as this is a brand new phone and I called someone else earlier, and it was fine. Anyway, it turned out they’d both be at the hub later on, which was great as I was going down there to check it out and take a few photos.

When I got to the hub, I walked around taking in the sights and sounds. Security saw me and said it was alright to go in, not that I thought it was a problem, but I went in anyway, snapped a few pics. After some time looking around I headed to the information booth to see if I could find the media contacts. The person at the booth directed me to the media tent, but I couldn’t spot it. I spoke with a few volunteers and one walked me over to it.

The bar menu at the Luminato Lounge

The bar menu at the Luminato Lounge

There I met another one of the festival’s media people. She said she’d try to put me in contact with the first person that I tried to reach by phone. In the meantime, I read the stuff I picked up at the information booth and took a walk around inside. By now, this media person seemed kind of elusive, but I did eventually get to meet her. It took some more time for her to get Derek Andrews, the music coordinator I spoke to for the piece.

In the meantime, I took a few more photos and then, oh crap, Eva Avila (one of the Canadian Idols) took the stage. I couldn’t bring myself to leave that day without a shot of Eva. So, I went up as close as I could and snapped a few photos. A few of the pictures had some other people in it so I tried to go in a bit closer, once from an angle, and then a few minutes later, one as close to the centre as I could. It was quite awkward. When I got home and took a better look at a few of the photos it looked as if she was looking right at me and throwing me some shade. It probably did seem a bit random: Some guy with an iPhone creeping up to you and taking photos. Ah well, I got the shots. I was happy with them and I waited for my interview.

The media contact who was nearly impossible to find introduced me to Derek. He was quite distinctive and looked as if he lived and breathed music. I was going to interview him in the actual venue, but it was a bit too loud for him. He didn’t want to shout through the entire thing. Fair enough. So, we went a little ways away and started to chat.

He wanted to know a bit about the magazine’s audience, so I filled him in on that and after I gave him my questions. He had a lot of great things to say that were very helpful. Just when I asked him the second last question, I believe it was, someone came up to him and Derek had to head out for a bit, but he came back and finished the interview. I was happy with the answers I got and I was on my merry way.

When it came time to piece together the story, I was considering focusing on the atmosphere of the venue and what to expect in terms of what the sponsors brought along and of course the music, but Derek gave me a lot of good info so I worked the piece around that.

Funny enough when I was going through the pictures I took before meeting Derek, he was smack-dab in the middle of one, and of course, I didn’t think anything of it then as I didn’t know who he was.

Anyway, check out the final story (and the aforementioned pictures) over on the Fresh Print site.