Ch-Ch-Changes: A leaner, meaner dxtrbrown [The Blog]

It has been a crazy ride so far and it has been great to see the blog grow over the past few months. I’m also happy to say that I’ve started to write for Fresh Print Magazine and a few other places so keep an eye out for that. However, the blog is a work in progress and I’m still trying to get it just right.

I started with TV press releases, TV reviews, TV ratings, What to Watch, tech posts and Saturday Digest. Saturday Digest was dropped after a few weeks, but TV sports content and Commercial Breakdown were eventually added in its place.

Sports ratings were meant to be a temporary addition for the playoffs season, but I’m happy to say they’re sticking around (for now). You guys seem to like them and they were even more popular than the regular old ratings charts.

However, considering the wide variety of content on the blog and the new writing gigs, I was stuck with a tough choice: get rid of some of the blog’s regular features or scale them back.

I’m still trying to find the groove for Commercial Breakdown and the reviews, but I’m not ready to part ways with them yet.

I can’t see how getting rid of the press release links would save me much time and as the sports ratings are sticking around the top-30 ratings should stick around as well. So, that left me with cutting back the features.
From now on, unless for special circumstances What to Watch will have the maximum of five premieres and five finales. Instead of the top five shows/games per day for the ratings lists, I’m going to do the top three, gold, silver and bronze if you will. The top-ten list at the bottom is getting the axe unfortunately.
Reviews will likely be significantly shorter than they have been in the past and they may be fewer and far between from here on out. The same goes for tech posts.

I’ve decided that in place of those things you’ll get a new feature called Behind the Words, which will give you a link to some of my stories for other publications and the story about getting the story.

As my life changes and grows, I think my blog should as well, especially since I set out to create a blog that’s as close to reflecting me as possible. Despite the changes, some things remain constant and as always, I’ll blog harder.