Commercial Breakdown: McDonald’s McDLT (featuring Jason Alexander)

For the first ever Commercial Breakdown, I thought we should head back to the wacky decade that was the ’80s. A lot of crazy things happened in the ’80s, like millions of people tuned in to see a puppet alien named Alf try to eat some poor family’s cat, Coca-Cola had the genius idea to replace the formula of Coke with a new one only to bring back the old formula weeks later and then there was this: The McDonald’s McDLT. 

What was the McDLT? It was essentially a Quarter-Pounder with Cheese where McDonald’s separated the cold veggies from the hot patty for some reason. If that doesn’t sound astoundingly stupid by itself wait till you see the ad.

It’s quite nutty and there’s a ton of things that makes this absolutely hilarious:

  1. McDonald’s thought it would be a good idea to separate the hot patty from the cold veggies
  2. McDonald’s thought it was such of a great idea that they made an ad campaign around it
  3. McDonald’s thought the McDLT was so great that they should give it a crappy song
  4. People are singing and dancing down the street about a hamburger that has the veggies separated from the patty
  5. 80s clothes
  6. Jason Alexander is in it
  7. Jason Alexander has hair
  8. Jason Alexander is dancing
  9. Jason Alexander is singing
  10. Jason Alexander is trying to act cool
  11. Jason Alexander is singing, dancing and trying to act cool about a hamburger
McDonald’s McDLT was way before my time, so maybe this might seem funnier to me than to those who actually got to see this on the air, but still you have to admit, this ad is pretty cheesy all around.

From what I was able to find online the McDLT didn’t make it out of the ’80s alive due to pressure to eliminate styrofoam packaging. It also paved the way for future flops like the McDonald’s Pizza, the Arch Deluxe and more recently the Chicken Selects. Surprisingly it has a bit of a cult following.

Check out these other ads of what “could be the best lettuce and tomato hamburger ever.”

A variant of the McDonald’s McDLT song

This ad, supposedly from 1988, seems to do a better job of marketing it: Ooh a mini McFridge and McOven