Working the Engles premieres July on NBC

Working the Engles title card (screenshot via

Working the Engles title card (screenshot via

Our friends stateside will finally get a taste of Working the Engles. NBC is debuting the comedy Thursday, July 10th at 9:30 PM after Amy Poehler’s new show, Welcome to Sweden, which stars her brother Greg.

As you may remember, Working the Engles is a co-production with NBC, but even after the series premiered on Global up here NBC was mum about if or when Working the Engles would debut, leading me to wonder if they’d air it at all. Turns out NBC was saving it for their summer slate of programming.

reviewed Working the Engles earlier and although I think it’s a great show, I’m not sure if it will find much of an audience on NBC. The network hasn’t had much luck with Canadian series. They aired The Listener and Saving Hope but dropped the shows after low ratings, while they’re relatively big hits here.

For more on NBC’s summer schedule, check out the source link below.

Source: TV Guide