Saturday Digest (March 1-8)

My first week back as a blogger has been fantastic. There’s just been a bunch of love, and I appreciate it.

I pushed out a bunch of articles over the past few days, and it might’ve been hard to keep up. So if you’ve missed out, no worries, I’ve condensed the most popular and the best articles I’ve done over the past week right here.
Most popular:
My review of Global’s Remedy was the most popular post on the blog this week and for good reason it’s a fantastic show.
Also red-hot this week was my piece on Xbox Live, and from the sound of it, I’m not the only one out there with Xbox Live issues.
You guys were also curious about W’s new advertainment reality show Be The Boss Canada.
YTV’s sitcom was missing a few parts, but that didn’t deter you from checking out the review. This was the first in the four-partRediscovering YTV series
Best of the rest:
To kick off my blog I decided to review four current YTV to catch up with the channel that got me hooked to TV in the first place. In this piece, I reminisce about the good ol’ days.
It was a bit hard to find the appeal of Nickelodeon’s perplexing snake and kid duo. See if you can solve the mystery. This was the last in the four-part Rediscovering YTV series.
Check this out if you want to learn a bit about the blog and myself.
You know what they say about stupid questions…

While Canadian ratings are hard to come by I’ve collected a few of the numbers that managed to make themselves known before BBM officially releases their weekly top-30 chart.
Vital information:
We’re finally getting a glimpse of what FXX Canada might look like. Check out this press release to find out more.
Best Tweets:
The CTV site says that they’re airing Two and a Half Men at 7:30. I’m guessing someone at Rogers screwed up.
2014-03-06, 6:05 PM
Rogers says that CTV is airing The Crazy Ones at 7:30 PM in prerelease & City is airing it in simulcast at 9:30 PM
2014-03-06, 6:02 PM
Wow a lot of these are news to me: “Apple TV remote: 7 amazing shortcuts you need to know! | iMore”
2014-03-06, 4:33 PM
Vice is the worst: “BBC3 Dying Is Good News for Us All”
2014-03-06, 1:25 PM
So Jay broke his phone a few weeks ago on Modern Family then Gloria’s phone broke this episode. How are they paying for all of that?
2014-03-05, 9:30 PM
That’s gutsy: “American RT Anchor Resigns On Air”
2014-03-05, 8:38 PM
I hope they don’t shutter Zite. I can’t stand Flipboard: “CNN Sells Zite News App to Flipboard…”
2014-03-05, 10:24 AM
Interesting data: “Rihanna and Eminem: Echo Nest Chart Shows Music Preferences by Gender |”
2014-03-04, 12:03 PM
The fact that Microsoft has a site called that does nothing besides tell you if you’re running XP makes me sad.
2014-03-03, 10:17 AM
Shameless theft: “This is Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri via @feedly”
2014-03-03, 10:12 AM
What does #BlogHarder even mean? If you can teach hard and walk hard, I guess you can blog hard? I think… I really don’t know.
2014-03-03, 9:12 AM