Canadian Oscar night overnight ratings

Magic TV ratings wizard, Bill Brioux, managed to snag a few of the Oscar night overnight numbers, and it turns out Canada went Oscar crazy on Sunday.

According to him, CTV snagged 6,124,000 viewers for the Oscar broadcast. That’s pretty huge considering that he said TV’s top sitcom The Big Bang Theory brought in 3,254,000 viewers on Thursday (using his overnight numbers here again). Apparently CTV’s broadcast for the pre-show did well too with 3,030,000 viewers.

As usual, it seems that Canada forgot that City exists. City only pulled in roughly 181,000 viewers for its Jimmy Kimmel Oscars special. The only thing I can think of that did worse was City’s Thursday night original animated sitcom Mother Up that Brioux said only had a viewership of 103,000. It seems City has already given up on that thing and shipped it off to Saturday nights.

Brioux randomly threw in the ratings for CTV’s Amazing Race: 1,461,000 viewers. That’s more than fellow beaten to death series Law & Order: SVU (1,345,000) but less than Two and a Half Men (1,549,000), if we’re using his overnights again.

I’ll have the full night’s breakdown in a few over on the Canadian TV ratings page when BBM releases the numbers.


Source: Bill Brioux via Twitter