Ratings: Brioux on the February 24-27 overnights

Remedy title card (screenshot via globaltv.com)

Remedy title card (screenshot via globaltv.com)

Somehow, Bill Brioux over at the brilliant TV Feeds My Family has his hands on the overnight numbers for earlier this week. I’m not sure how though. I’m guessing he also has a hovercraft and those self-tying Nikes from Back to the Future as well. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter how he got them, what matters are the numbers, and they’re a mixed bag (as always I suppose).


The numbers for Global’s new medical drama Remedy don’t look too hot. (I guess that’s why I couldn’t find a press release for its Monday night ratings.) Brioux says Remedy only had 754,000 viewers in the overnights, which is apparently less than half of Combat Hospital, and we know how that turned out.

I actually watched Remedy and loved it. (There’s a full review of the show coming up on Monday before episode two. So, check back for that.)

Brioux says Remedy didn’t have killer competition. I’m not sure what he’s talking about there. When you look at the top-30 ratings Monday shows take up a good chunk of the list. Also, for its debut, Remedy faced big names like Mike & Molly/Mom, The Following, The Voice and Gerry Dee.

Numbers wise, Remedy easily toppled CBC for the night. According to Brioux, CBC pulled in 344,000 for Mr. D, 338,000 for Ron James and 464,000 for a Gerry Dee special. Remedy drew less than Mike & Molly though, which pulled in 835,000, and Mom with 853,000, both of which aired on City. CTV on the other hand had 895,000 with The Following, and CTV Two had 946,000 with The Voice.

So Remedy doesn’t look that bad against those imports, still considering that, Brioux said Almost Human had 1,086,000 and The Blacklist had 1,245,000, it’s got to hurt a bit. That’s even considering that people may have watched Almost Human on their local Fox feed and The Blacklist on their local NBC feed and viewers got lost with simultaneous substitution.


It seems Glee arrived with a thud on City. Brioux says only 353,000 people tuned in for the network debut. Compare that to the CBC’s numbers for the night. Rick Mercer had 921,000 viewers and 22 Minutes had 825,000. That’s gotta hurt for City. Imports NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Chicago Fire and The Voice all drew healthy numbers on the night though.


According to the numbers Brioux has, Wednesday was also an interesting night. Cougar Town only pulled in 215,000 viewers after Modern Family, which had 590,000. CTV’s hyped Mixology pulled in 610,000 viewers. That’s okay considering it beat the established and critically acclaimed Modern Family but compared to Arrow’s 1,104,000, Law & Order SVU’s 1,345,000 and Criminal Minds’s all of which followed Mixology, that’s not too hot.

Nearly two million tuned into Survivor for whatever reason. I’m assuming they all still think it is 2001.


Again looking at Brioux numbers for Thursdays (…like where does he get all this, seriously?) CTV original Saving Hope pulled in a respectable 1,361,000 as did Vikings on History with 685,000. Vikings actually beat American Idol, which only brought in 625,000 on CTV Two.

City original Mother Up only did 103,000. Brioux apparently thinks it’s suited to Teletoon, I’m assuming he’s joking considering because could you see Mother Up with Adventure Time or Regular Show? Mother Up is aimed at adults, but even so, I don’t think the show even suits Teletoon at Night. The only thing it might suit (and this is still a long shot) is a NickMom type block, but NickMom doesn’t air in Canada

As always I’ll have the daily numbers when they come in on Tuesday, until then pay Brioux a visit by clicking the source link below.

Source: Bill Brioux’s TV Feeds My Family